My Competitive Nature

My competitive nature has started to emerge. I was trying to get my feet wet and figure things out over the last 2 weeks.

And then…

I found out that others in RBL had 2 digit numbers of aerobic exercises last week. Nope, not letting that happen! So, today, I went for a 3.95 mile speed walk with someone from my running group, did 10 minutes on the elliptical for warm up, resistance circuit, and then did another 30 minutes on the elliptical. According to Fitbit, my step count for today is over 17,000!

My kids are homeschooled, and they are completely motivated to get their work done by time at the YMCA and the park where I like to run/walk. Since they got their work done in a timely manner today, I had time for 2 good workouts!

I don’t expect to win the overall challenge, or even the weekly challenges, but I do expect to do my very best! So, my competitive nature has begun to emerge! Woot!


2 thoughts on “My Competitive Nature”

  1. You go girl!!! I want to start on running. I can run for like 2 sec 🙂 I know this week we’re suppose to start learning how to get the ability to run. I’m excited and glad to have you on my team.

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