Sick… blah

So my plans to work out was canceled due to a nasty bug!  So I stayed in bed most of the weekend.Today I am feeling so much better and ready to hit the gym after work!

I did have a little slip this weekend…. drank a soda! Now that is my weakness! SODA!! I love the fizz! It is like chips with me, you can’t just have one!


I did try to be good. I had husband get me a coke ZERO. Now before I couldn’t drink the coke zero. It tasted nasty. Now that I haven’t been drinking to “real” stuff any a while, it was delicious. I also had him only pick me up one 20 oz…. sometimesI would sip on a liter coke all day long.

So, although I was BAD by drinking a soda, I tried to make sure it wasn’t as bad a the real deal. AND after I finished the Coke Zero, it was nothing but water afterward!

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