Take advantage!

Thursday we had our first team meeting and I was so pumped after. The stories were amazing and it really made me think long a hard about this journey. People are going through stuff. Every one of us has a road block, set back, health issues, history. We all need support. This really made me think,  how blessed am I! I have a wonderful husband who is my biggest cheerleader everyday! I may be overweight but I’m healthy. My kids are amazing and healthy. What have I been doing all these years?

Things have not been perfect by any means. I have had my share of problems, but I am not taking any medication, all my limbs are intact and working, I feel good, and my husband treats me with respect and loves me everyday. So many post on here tell stories of heartache, physical ailments, etc. Sick kids, health issues, medications,etc.

I need to be more thankful and remember I have got this! What excuse do I really have to sit at home and eat til I’m sick? My knee is fine, feet are good, hands , fingers  all there!  So I need to get off this pity train and work my butt off!

I’m half way there I just need a boost! So I’m going to work harder this week.

Thanks to my husband and kids who have supported me everyday! You guys are truly the best!

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