Change History…Maybe

Thats exactly what we are trying to undo. We have lived lives of pleasure, leisure, pain, suffering and making the wrong decisions. It doesn’t matter how we got here or why. Some of use put on the weight due to injury or the settling into a sedentary lifes. Others may have used food as a coping device,  just pure indulgence or even previous athletes who just slipped out of active lifestyles. To many of us it has been a combination of all or some of the above. Regardless of how we ended up here at this point in our life we have all reached a cross road.

It has been a couple of weeks now, and some of us are still sore while others may not be. Hopefully you have developed a routine, made it apart of your lifestyle. I fear some may think that its just too tough, or don’t have enough time. We have spent a lifetime making excuses…STOP! Maybe you are discouraged because you haven’t seen immediate results on the scale. I will be the first to tell you the scale is not your friend. The body is a complex thing and there are so many changes that  happen while loosing weight and its chemical make up fluctuates as well your weight during the change. Me personally I would say only weigh once a month, but weekly challenges may prevent that. To the RBL’ers who have maybe started thinking they should give up, DON’T!  You see we have a history that has defined us up until this point. Years of “Whatevers” that has gotten us here. The thing about it is we cant change history, well maybe we can. By changing our present and future we are in fact changing our history. The decisions we make today will be history tomorrow. This begins a new great cycle, a cycle that will undo the years of neglect. Its not easy, its not easy, its NOT easy! I cant say that enough. It’s  a fight of sweat ,tears and pain to change our history. It makes me think of a great quote by an amazing women I was fortunate to meet many years ago.

“History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” Maya Angelou

We are not going to relive our unhealthy histories. Make a new one, your are a precious temple to the Lord and His vessel. Let Him live and blossom within you, go to him to help change a history of despair. He will empower you to work harder that you ever thought, to strive to be a better person physically and spiritually. He has already started providing the tools by putting you in the life and community of Rob Dempsy and His Radio Family. Change your History!

So when you start sweating, just remember its your fat crying while you change your history!


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