Cheat Days Not Worth It

Okay, so I have decided definitively that cheat days are not worth it. By my calculations, it takes me 1.5 days to undo the slack of my cheat day Sundays, so no more. I’m not gonna slow myself down.

Now that doesn’t mean I’ll never eat different things, but for me, I need to stay away from bad carbs because they not only stagnate me in weight loss, but reverse all my hard work very quickly. In the future, when i can slowly add them back in that’s ok, but for now I’m saying goodbye to pasta, white bread, and probably white rice.

With that being said, my workout this morning was awesome!

I feel energized and ready for the day!

One thing I have noticed is my energy level is naturally much better. Before, I would need an energy drink to get through the day, but now I don’t need it at all (except in rare cases)!

Called in to HisRadio yesterday morning to talk about their recorder-off, lol. Click HERE if you wanna hear it. Always fun to talk to His Morning Crew! We actually got to talk a little about RBL too, Alison remembered me instantly =), but it wasn’t in the segment-we talked for quite a bit lol.

I hope you are all going strong, praying for all the RBL participants!

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  1. I have the same feeling with caffeine. I’ve been ‘cheating’ and drinking a small 8oz pepsi on Sundays when I go to my parents house for Sunday dinner and the caffeine headache the next day is soooo not worth the taste of it. I only drank 3/4 of the little can this week and still had a terrible headache for most of the day yesterday. No more caffeine cheats for me. Sweet tea doesn’t do it to me and I only drink it once and a while and I’m down to half and half (sweet/unsweet). I’m purging my pantry of white foods (pasta, rice, sugar) this weekend to remove the temptation. Keep at it you can do it!

  2. This is so encouraging to hear Gus! Sometimes I feel like I need the freedom of allowing myself to “cheat”, but you are right, is it REALLY worth it? Keep up the great work and it was fun to learn something new about you and your talents!

    • Thanks Alison!!! I love getting to talk to you guys, and I love listening to you all every morning on my way to work, from the gym!

  3. By you calculations…thats awesome and made me laugh. It’s true and I’ve been victim to the cheat day. I’m try to just do cheat meal once a week but you have inspired me to go all healthy everyday so thanks!

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