God gives us what we need

I love the saying “God gives us what we need when we need it.”  Today is Valentines days my gift to my husband is a healthier me.  He can see how hard I’m working and is quite proud of me.  Today several people brought in cupcakes and cookies and other snacks but I didn’t have any temptation to indulge. When I wrote Rob my story I told him that if given this chance I would not disappoint him.  God gave me this chance and I won’t let this weak flesh sway me.  His word says that when I’m weak he is strong. 2 Corinthians 12:10.

Last night at the gym when I was doing my crunches I could see myself in the mirror.  I was so embarrassed and realized that what I was seeing so was everyone else.  How could I have done this to myself?  I wanted to have a short pity party but I kept going instead.  If I want to see a healthier skinner me then I have to keep going.  Just like most people I want to see dramatic results now but I will press on.  I pray that God will continue to give all of us His strength when we are at our weakest.

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