Good morning 🙂

Have a nice valentine’s day. Say no to the sweets my fellow RBL! Think of the extra time you will have to do at the gym and all the hard work you have put in already. Pintrest has a ton of healthy, yummy valentine substitutes 🙂 stay on track. Sooo where is this energy everyone talks about when you work out? I am so exhausted come 8:30 and I am out cold by 9:30. Any advice? Challenge of the day: say no to the candy.

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    • Caylavaldez. I completely understand!!! I had a weak moment of pizza the other day! I made myself walk 1.69miles for eating it. I am trying to find healthy pizza recipes

  1. The energy will come soon enough. I’m out by 9:30 as well but I notice my stamina is better. I feel better during the day. Sleep and enjoy that sleep you need it but it gets better!

  2. Melindamcbrayer
    I am happy to hear you are having more stamina!:) I can’t wait to be able to have that 🙂

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