Obstacles and No More Excuses

I haven’t posted in almost two weeks and I feel awful about it. I’m really struggling and I have been since the beginning. Being so far away from my at home team members is difficult but I only have one more basketball game that I’m coaching so I’ll be able to meet up every Saturday with my team and I’m hoping to feel more connected.

The first week after the kick off I started having side and back pain that landed me in urgent care. I found out that I had a severe kidney infection but decided to go to the gym Saturday to meet up with my team and it was great. I left feeling good and encouraged. I did great the following Monday I woke up early went to the gym ate pretty well and was feeling good. Tuesday things went down hill quick my husband was in a car accident. 

Praise the Lord he wasn’t seriously injured but between the whiplash and shock it was a tough rest of the week. Between staying home to take care of him and missing work for his doctor and pt appointments my diet and exercise went out the window. Once I started stress eating again it made me feel guilty instead of good. This week I am determined to do better and spent all evening yesterday pre-cooking all of my lunches and dinners for the week. This week and the rest of my program my mantra will be “No (More) Excuses”. I’ve found that the things I think I crave aren’t as tasty as they used to be and that helps. I also do better eating away from home so I am going to go through my pantry this week and purge all of the unhealthy foods especially the pasta, chips, and rice to take away the temptation.

My husband called me and told me that he heard my interview on HIS Radio yesterday but I missed it 😦 I would love to be able to find it on the replay but I don’t see it but it was a good feeling to know that even though I’m far away I’m not forgotten.

2 thoughts on “Obstacles and No More Excuses”

  1. Great job prepping your food for the week! That helps me a lot. I pray y’all are able to get well and healthy & stay that way.

  2. Stress eating is so hard! It can fell like a weight that has to be thrown off. Praying for you and missed you this past week!

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