15 LBS down!!

16804804_10158393852530195_688262749_oToday I went to the gym to do my running and checked my weight and I am down 2 more lbs. That’s 15 lbs so far!! I can tell it in my face and my stomach. I am also noticing how the running is getting easier as we do it, which kind of blows my mind cause at the beginning 1 minute was sooo hard. I am doing the keto diet which is low carb high fat and it is working amazing for me. I don’t seem to overeat like I used to and my craving for sweets has gone down also. I am so glad I am finding something that is working and I can see myself doing for the rest of my life. This is a lifestyle change not a diet for me. I also am doing carb nite along with my diet so every 7-10 days after 5:00 I start eating carbs. They want you to eat stuff to spike your insulin because when you starve yourself of carbs for so long the hormones that go along with the insulin that burn fat drop also so they want you to spike your insulin to get those hormones back up and then the next day you starve yourself of the carbs again but when your insulin stays down the hormones are back up!! The first time I did it I didn’t think anything was going to happen I thought I was going to gain but I lost another pound the day after!!

4 thoughts on “15 LBS down!!”

  1. I’m having succes with the KETO eating too. It’s not nearly as difficult to stick to as I thought it would be. Keep up the good work!

      1. The first 2 weeks I went straight by dietdoctor.com. Since then, I’ve been looking for recipes & ideas on the internet.

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