A talk with the boy

So I have really taken notice to my kids eating habits more since I’ve started RBL. I noticed my 7 yr old son Josiah asks for sweets and candy all the time. He is not overweight but I know I have to nip this in the bud or he will end up like me. So I had a long talk with him and the importance of eating healthy. I explained to him when I was his age my parents would let me eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I told him I could eat 10 peanut butter cups in a day and my parents was okay with that. I explained that because of my bad eating, I was a really chubby boy. Kids made fun of me all the time. I think I got through to him because he said he does not want kids to make fun at him. I explained some candy is okay but not to be asking for it all the time. I told him the less candy he eats the longer he will live. He loves spending time with me and I told him as soon as we can get our family bicycles, we are going to do some bike rides. He is down with that!

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