Burned More Than Calories

So yesterday was Valentine’s and I’m the main cook in our household so I wanted to make something special but also healthy. I ended up making Herb-Stuffed Chicken with Baked Asparagus. It was delicious! But as I was finishing up the cooking process I accidentally grabbed the handle of the skillet that had just been in a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes.

Oh wow, it hurt so bad. I immediately ran water over it and then for the rest of the night I held a cold compress on it and even had to run out and get some burn cream.

Guys, I was sooo worried I wouldn’t be able to workout today because I couldn’t really hold anything with my left hand last night, and I was super excited to workout because today was supposed to be my first one-on-one training day with Chelsi, my personal trainer.

I’m happy to say I woke up this morning to my left hand feeling much better. Still stings some and I’m keeping burn spray on it, but I was able to workout, and boy was it a workout!

Old Gus probably would have used my hand as an excuse to not go this morning, but I made myself and promised myself I would push as hard as I could. I think I did pretty good because I am exhausted lol!

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