Date Night

There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens: – Ecclesiastes 3:1

Ahh the romance of Valentine’s Day.  I’ve been lucky enough to be chosen by the same valentine for the last 17 years.  It started as a joke between friends the first time around and never would I have guessed that I would be so blessed to still call him mine so many years later.  In seventeen years we have treated Valentine’s Day as a joke, an excuse to be extra cheesy and romantic, to be relieved for a quick QUIET dinner out as parents.  I don’t think I ever imagined how grateful I would be to spend what some dub as the most romantic night of the year  in the gym together.  It really was the present I wanted most.  Every time we work out or choose healthier nutrition it really is a gift for ourselves and each other to share the ultimate gift of extra time together.

My husband of 13 years is truly my best friend and has seen me at my best and lived through my worst.  We are blessed to have one amazing six year old son who we both want to see grow up.  And ultimately, I would love another child.  I had a pretty complicated pregnancy due to MY health the first go around.  If we were to be blessed with another child biologically, through adoption, or possibly fostering I want to be at my best. And if we aren’t blessed with another child we are so lucky to have the son we do and he still deserves our best.  We are in a season where as a family we want to be our best version which includes optimizing and achieving good health.

I stared at my husband from across the gym and smiled.  Not only is he a great guy.  He has supported me in more ways than I could count as I’ve/we’ve started this journey of RBL2017!  I was so tired the other night but have a goal of 7000 steps minimum a day.  That’s my have to goal for myself (10000 is better) but 7000 bare minimum.  I told my husband that I had roughly 2000 steps to go at 11:15 at night.  He said grab the dog and go walk.  Ummm I was looking more for oh honey that’s okay come cuddle with me instead. Take it easy you deserve some rest but nope grab the dog and get going!  Also the chip craving has been at max level for the past week – I love the crunch, the flavor, everything especially when the chip is folded with that extra pocket of seasoning and crunch!  I was grabbing some for our son and opened some of my favorites (really full confession 90% of chips are my favorite!) I opened that bag and the Cool Ranch flavor hit me right in the face I seriously inhaled the bag – not like the old inhale where I gobbled it down but stuck my face and breathed in deeply.  I whined to my husband how bad I wanted some chips.  What I wanted him to say is grab a big bowl and enjoy.  But his actual response – no you don’t! Ahhh Yes I dooooooooo! And he just looked at me smiled that smile I fell in love with.  No honey you don’t you have worked too hard for chips to bring you down.  I laugh.  Because it’s true – too much effort for a momentary moment of glee with 2000 calories of chips (I really lack self control with chips!) But also because he does care and knows this is important.

Last night on our date night I was working on my Activtrax when he had to step out for a minute.  I had been stalking the 45 degree leg press.  I had to manually switch out the weights 3 times and I do not get out of this contraption gracefully – its more like a beached whale kind of maneuver.  I have complained to my husband several times.  As I waited for the machine to become free I waited and hoped my hubby would show back up to help me switch out the weights.  As the gentleman jumped off the machine I hightailed it over and claimed the equipment.  I started to put on the weights and out of nowhere came my personal knight.  He helped me load the machine and I did my leg presses – sure I was looking all cute for him as I grunted, sweated, and grimaced (like I’ve said the man has seen me in my best and my worst 😉 )  At the end of the sets he encouraged me to try getting out differently.  His instructions helped me feel a little more graceful and less crazy beached whale.  I loved having him there for the encouragement and support but to also know he really is listening as I share this journey, my triumphs, my insecurities, and my questions.  Also it’s awesome to know I’m never alone in this journey – between God, my family, my friends, and my RBL2017 teammates (who I ran into 3 of them at the gym on what I call date night!) That’s pretty cool thing to realize!  Blessings to y’all and thanks for taking the time to read this!

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