It Really Works (My A1C Test)

I received some test results today and I wanted to share a little background and some success.  For those that may be unaware, the A1C test is a measures the average levels of blood glucose over the last 90 days.  A normal reading is below 5.7, a reading of 5.7 to 6.4 is pre-diabetic and 6.5 and above is diabetic. In December, I had blood work done and my A1C was 6.4+. Basically, I was as close to being diabetic without the official diagnosis as I could be.

I began to eat healthy on December 20th (horrible time to change eating habits).  I cut out all extra sugars, have only drank water or black coffee, and stopped eating processed foods.  I lost about 15 pounds from December 20th thru the end of January.  Unfortunately, none of that weight lost counted towards RBL.  However, I definitely began to feel better.

Today, I got updated blood work that showed by A1C dropped from 6.4+ to 5.6.  I am out of the pre-diabetic range!  Eating clean, along with the exercise I am getting as part of RBL really works.  I am on a better path now and my health has forever changed for the better.


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