I can hear my joints and muscles screaming “What do you think you are doing?” Every inch is aching and I love it!!!!  Feeling alive is an awesome feeling.  I don’t want to just get by I want to change my life for the good forever.  I don’t want just a 12 week changeover I want a lifetime change.  Even thought my body is screaming help; my heart, mind and soul are loving it.  When I started this journey I was really worried about my commitment.  It would mean that I would have to feel again.  I guess I felt I didn’t deserve it.  But, If I didn’t then Jesus wouldn’t of had to die.  This road, even only a few weeks in, has been emotionally hard.  I’ve had to  think, really think about things that have happened in life and evaluate why I keep sabotaging my health.  I guess that’s part of living again.

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