Good Morning ya’ll 🙂

Yesterday I pushed myself and did 2 active trax workouts! I went out of my comfort zone again and did two more machines! I found out I love the rowing machine :). I was able to add 5lbs to my weights so I am slowly getting stronger. I am also down 1lb. I want to say thank you to Sue at the GIT Y. She may have started out as a trainer for RBL but she has become a friend, support, and inspiration. I am meeting people threw this journey and chipping away (not only body fat) but at my prospectives and heart. I became so closed off to people after everything, and this journey has brought people into my life that have truly shown me what Godly people can be. I am excited for tomorrow because I decided I want to go out to winter jam. I have missed out on them in the past due to anxiety and fear. So I hope we will be able to get tickets tomorrow and for me to step out in some confidence instead of worry! Like always I am so proud of my fellow RBL! Feel free to message me here or on FB if you need to talk I would love to support you all I can 🙂 challenge of the day: have confidence! screenshot_2017-02-15-12-48-54-1

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