When real life happens

Rolling with the punches is a good way to live but it still hurts, because they’re punches. I’ve gotten in 1 activtrax workout this week and a little bit of cardio because all 3 of our kids are sick, one has the flu 😞 So really all I can do is walk around my house and eat right. But I can do it. I’ve done programs before where everything in your life had to go smoothly or it just wouldn’t work. But in changing my lifestyle for real life I know I can get healthy even when life isn’t perfect. 

We have all the meds and I’m diffusing all the oils and sanitizing the whole house 🙂 I’m praying we’re on the other side of this and next week I can get back into the gym. 

One thought on “When real life happens”

  1. Real life can sometimes stink! I’m thankful for the hope I have in a life with Jesus.Someday, all this will be over and replaced by an eternity of wholeness. Hang in there, lady. This too shall pass.

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