Down 25 pounds in 3 weeks!!!

FarrSide of Life… Friday, February 17… So blessed to lose 5.4 pounds this week for a total weight loss of 25 pounds in 3 weeks! This week I averaged eating 1276 calories/day and drinking 113 ounces of water/day. And, thanks to two wonderful new friends at church, I have now added Coconut Milk to my diet. I won’t drink it plain because I just don’t drink milk, but it is great in cereal and oatmeal and it is so healthy! 

This wasn’t my best week for working out! I started the week strong, especially since I was able to add Rowing to my daily routine. Last Saturday, I was able to row 3,000 meters in 20 minutes! For me, that’s huge!! Since then, I have been ending my ActivTrax workout with a 10-15 minute/1500 meter row. I am loving the cardio workout that comes from rowing! I can definitely feel my whole body working harder when I row, versus when I walk on the treadmill.

Like I said earlier, I started the week strong, but ended the week not so much. I had been fighting a sore throat for a few days and tried to work through it and “sweat it out”! It was to no avail as Strep Throat hit me hard on Wednesday. It put me down for three days. I really did miss going to the YMCA each day. But I continued to eat a healthy diet and just tried to get up and move as much as possible. Feeling stronger today than yesterday. Will definitely be back at the GIT YMCA tomorrow to start week 4! 

Stay Faithful  RBL Friends! Be Strong & Courageous!


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