Hello Ladies and Gentleman come one come all to this latest entry of Frustration and Exhaustion.

So in keeping track of the workouts tonight just happened to be another night with those GREAT and FANTASTIC leg work outs. I was thinking that the one on Monday was rough Welllll let me tell ya something. On that night I did mainly just workout on the legs with some cardio but this time WOW I decided why not punish myself a little more and lets se if I can go at least 30 minutes on the treadmill without the legs buckling.

I am definitely not the fastest person when it comes to walking a mile however I can say that over the past week or so my times have come down. On Wednesday I decided after my workout to see just how long it would take me to do 3.1 miles on the treadmill. I was happy that I finished in under an hour with a time of 57 minutes 57 seconds. The avg pace was 18:42 for a mile. Not bad for someone that has not done a lot of exercise and although try to walk at work sometimes I find that I am glued to the desk and have not figured out how to get away from it and take a break or take lunch away from it. I am so used to staying there I really am not sure how to get away right now, Thoughts??

Last night we did a walk to run and legs were still killing me from the night before so did not run as much as I would have liked so kept a fast walking pace. Although it took a little over 19 mints to do the mile it was still under 20 minutes which I think is a great thing.

Which brings us to tonight……GEEEZZZZZ can I say that I really sore. I will not be able to do a lot over the weekend because we are getting ready to do our Easter Drama at Church and I have to play Herod. You know the guy that that Pilate sent Jesus to when he thought he could get away with not having to deal with making a decision that he really did not want to do.

For some reason I am told to be very sarcastic and not sure why but they think that comes to me very easily. For some reason it seems that my Daughter is the same way wonder where she gets it hummmmmm. May be that when she was little and just learning to talk I possibly taught her to answer the Question regarding how she plays Nana… Her response is ” Like a Fiddle in the Hands of a Master” or if asked where sarcasm run “In the Family”. This may come back to haunt me.

Anyway after chasing that Rabbit some back to the treadmill … well after that nice leg workout I knew I still need additional cardio so jumped on the rolling canvas device that goes a various speeds and took a nice stroll well if going above 3.1 miles (at least for me and maybe others) is considered a stroll. Mixing this with the workout may not have been the brightest I had to push through it. Yes my legs at first wanted to give out but I had a goal of at least 30 minutes and ended up 1.6 miles before the cool down period started. Was I ever happy with that cool down but felt good knowing I was able to complete over 1.5 miles in that time.

Goals right now is still a big key and I am continuing to strive for faster times. I know when the time comes for the 5k on April 22 I will not be the fastest out there but I will be crossing the finish line no matter what.

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