How do you change your obsession with food?

Ok – so I am realizing more and more how much of an emotional eater that I am.

I got a new job. – Yeah – we should go have a decadent dinner to celebrate!!! My husband and I had a little spat. – Boo – I should eat comfort food to help me get over my frustrations!!! My kids are whining today – Sigh – I need some good food to give me energy!!!

I need to figure out how to break this cycle of food addiction. I even realized I am passing this craziness on to my daughters.

Examples: Somebody skinned their knee. – Here have some hot chocolate to make it feel better. Someone got 100 on their spelling test – Yeah have a piece of candy as a reward.

I need suggestions on how to manage my emotional food reactions, but also have other rewards for my children that don’t involve food. I don’t want them to suffer from my struggles and I am leading them down the same path.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to help me do better and to be a better teacher for my girls?

2 thoughts on “How do you change your obsession with food?”

  1. i don’t. i struggle with this too. it is an act of sheer will that I am not indulging during this challenge.

  2. Oh Chesney- I’m right there with you girl. I had a yucky morning and all I wanted was the sweet gooey comfort or satisfying crunch crutch. I think part of the solution is to identify the emotion and trigger and then try to reroute. I was frustrated so I went to the gym after a struggle with myself because I didn’t want to go to the gym. I wanted sugar and chips but to they gym I go! For kids – praise, reward chart (books, toys, special one on one time or pick activity?). I’m working on this too – I’m raising a Cookie Monster 😉

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