I hate noodles!

I hate noodles! They always make my gut hurt! No, really, my body doesn’t like pasta! Today, though, I’m talking about a different kind of noodles….

Yesterday, I hate my first training session with Chelsi. She was pushing me, but I’m thinking maybe I didn’t give it all. My arms and legs felt like noodles last night. I’m not as sore as I was afraid I would be, but I think I brought the weights home with me. This morning my arms and legs feel heavy. Turning over in bed last night felt like it had to be calculated before I did it. Again, not sore, just heavy… It’s weird.

That said, I got a great workout. I did dips off of the weight bench, and I didn’t even bust my behind! WOOT! (For the record, I did bust my behind when I did my first wall squat with a stability ball… In the hallway, for Chad and another YMCA employee, and all the world to see. The ball went up, my behind went down. HA!) It’s all good, I’m ok with being someone else’s comic relief!

I’m heading to Hydro-tone and Aqua Zumba this morning. Then, tonight is Winter Jam! Woohoo!!! I can hardly wait to see Crowder in concert. His music has been an answer to one of those desperate calls to feel God that I talked about in my Transformation Part 1 and Transformation Part 2 posts.

Have a great weekend!

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