Just Keep Pushing

I pushed myself really hard on the treadmill today. I was exhausted afterwards and I still had my strength training to go. Overall a great workout, though my legs still are mad at my Personal Trainer for Wednesday, lol.

So we went out to eat yesterday and I feel like I was really careful. For lunch I ate spicy grilled catfish without oil or butter and broccoli and a side salad with vinaigrette dressing. For dinner I had a small piece of steak and chicken, with half a corn cob, with carrots and broccoli. I stayed within my calories and yet when I checked my weight this morning I hadn’t lost anymore, which was disheartening. I get it may be muscle growth or whatnot, but it really encourages me to keep pushing when I can see that immediate victory, no matter how small.

So now I have to push through Saturday, despite having not lost any today.

I know it sounds whiny, considering I have been really blessed with awesome weight loss so far, it’s just a mental thing, so I will push through and keep going!

4 thoughts on “Just Keep Pushing”

  1. Sounds like you’re doing a great job so far! One thing my coach told me was NOT to weigh everyday. It was hard to stop because I was using it as a measuring stick to see how I did the day before BUT I will tell you the once a week weigh-ins have been better for me because I’ve gotten a positive number every time!

    1. I don’t do everyday, but i do more than once a week because i lose out on points from the challenges if i don’t. Overall I’m super super happy with my progress, just one of those things. It’s like just yesterday I was in walmart and even though I know I’ve lost a lot of weight and feel really good, When I looked in the mirror I suddenly felt just as big as when I started this journey. Just little moments you got to push through I suppose.

  2. Keep it up cuz! Lack of progress is part of making progress. It might not make sense till the goal is reached, but it’s true

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