life happens

I am hearing from so many of our RBL’s how “life” is interfering with their weight loss/get fit journey. Many have had the stomach bug (me included); flu; sick children; job hours too long; and the list continues. Yes, Life happens. But we have to just deal with these issues as they present themselves and get back on track. We will all fall down at times, but we just need to get back up as soon as possible! Don’t stay down – trust me, the longer you stay down, the more difficult it becomes to pick yourself up.

Personally, I am still struggling to just get myself to the gym. I am sleeping much later than I would like, and I tend to stay up too late at night. So, that is going to be my mission for next week – going to bed at a decent hour and getting up earlier so I can get some early morning exercise in. I know from past experience, if I get it done in the morning, it gets done! Otherwise, it becomes too easy to let other things interfere as the day progresses.

This week has been a challenge for many reasons. My weekend was spent with the stomach bug, and Monday I was still out of it, so I missed my Monday workout. I did get up early Tuesday to work out with my trainer, Bev. In a short 30 minutes, she had me exhausted! I could barely get to the shower and get dressed for work. But that wasn’t enough – because we missed our time together last week, I had the privilege of working with Bev AGAIN last night. Our time wasn’t until 6:30, but I arrived early and worked out for 45 minutes with my daughter before my time with Bev. I went into the workout with my knees still in pain from Tuesday, but I plowed through anyway. By the time I began with Bev, my knees had had enough. However, Bev was AWESOME! She had some great workout ideas that I could do seated. And she still managed to exhaust me! HUGE shout out to Bev for being such a GREAT trainer!

On to the next mission – SLEEP! And getting in more CARDIO!!!

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I am a widowed mom of 3 grown children. Currently, I live and work in Anderson County. About a year ago my gym membership expired, and no excuses here, but I never rejoined or joined anywhere else. For 2 1/2 years I struggled to become more fit and to shed a few pounds. And POOF! in less than a year, I gained almost everything back. I am tired of being tired, and my clothes are all getting tight (or no longer fit!), and I am ready to begin my fitness journey again - this time for good! And not just physical fitness: I am also striving to become more spiritually and financially fit. It is a HUGE challenge, but I am so thankful to be a part of RBL where I can get the needed motivation, inspiration and encouragement. IN IT TO WIN IT!!!

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