Praise God!

Last Saturday evening I was in a car accident. I suffered a burn to my left hand from the powder that came out of the airbag(It is healed in the name of Jesus). My children and I are okay. Thursday morning I woke up and was showing symptoms of having a stomach bug(from both ends). By Thursday afternoon I had three places to be at the same time and the meeting to make at 6:30. Needless to say I made two places and not my 6:30 meeting. This morning I woke up, thank you Jesus, and took all that and turned it into a home praise and worship workout! Don’t let events and the things going on around you keep you from pushing forward. I might can’t control everything that happens, but I know someone who can control the outcome! Stay focused on Jesus and everything else has to line up. Awesome workout,  Awesome praise, Awesome God! Matthew  6:33

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