Still Pounding the FAT!!

I had a productive week at the gym, even though Satan continues to try and prevent me from going. After 2 weeks I finally started to see my weight drop, which is a wonderful feeling. I am doing good with the diet. It is amazing to be eating more than I normally do and seeing the weight go down.

I use to never ear breakfast or snacks, but as I settle into my new routine it has become easier to to eat 3 normal meals and snacks. I can feel my body changing. I have been pushing very hard with the weights and spending an hour on the elliptical after my weight training. I can really feel the muscles in my back and legs changing.

I am thinking that I have lost more than the scale shows because my clothes fir very differently, especially my pants. So my theory is that I have gained a considerable amount of muscle which has caused the scale to not move as much as I would like to see.

Finally, I do want to thank everyone for the prayer and support that has been sent my way. It is what has kept me in the fight. If not for the team support I would have gave up. Every day is still a struggle, but I hope that my endurance and honesty will encourage someone.

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