Clothes Fitting Looser

We had our run this morning at the y and I woke up to go make breakfast and went to put my Robs Big Loser Shirt on and it was looser!! I also noticed it at work last night when my scrubs fit easier!! When I did the running this morning it was a little harder than I thought it would be. I have not been able to meet with my friend at Furman this week so I have been using the treadmill instead of outside running and today I realized they are totally different when you are running for 3 minutes at a time but I did it because Doug pushed me!!! I am really thankful for a trainer like him and all that he does to help us. 2 weeks ago I took my before picture a little late but I didn’t know that in 2 weeks there could be such a difference. I am amazed at what this diet and exercise is doing for me!! I am so so grateful for this opportunity I have and how it has helped me!! Thank you again His Radio!!



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