Fat vs. Muscle

Before RBL, we bought one of those fancy “smart scales” from Amazon. It was one of the lower-mid priced ones, just because we wanted to be sure that if it wasn’t accurate, that we would not have spent a fortune on a fad.

Other than the first couple of days, I hadn’t paid a lot of attention to the different body composition measurements that it offers. This morning, I stepped on the scale and I was up 0.8 pounds. I know muscle weighs more than fat (insert an eyeroll and an audible blah blah blah here, because as a fat person, I get tired of hearing that). I also know that my body water percentage should be going up significantly.

A bit discouraged, I thought I would go back and look at the different components just to see what the differences were. According to my scales, the differences since the day of my initial assessment on 1/29/17 are …

Weight: -5.0lb
Body Water: +0.8%
Body Fat: -0.8%
Bone: +0.2lb
BMI: -0.9%
Visceral Fat: -1 (this is the belly fat that is also around the internal organs like the liver)
Muscle Mass: -0.8lb

Remember, though, that I was up from yesterday? My muscle mass from yesterday was up by 0.4lb, my water % was up 0.2%, and my body fat was down 0.2%. So, the fat is going down, and that makes me happy. These numbers probably don’t mean a lot to most people, but I am intrigued as I watch them change.

Oh, and my BMI is slowly coming down, as well! I’m still morbidly obese, but it’s moving in the right direction. That’s what counts, right?



4 thoughts on “Fat vs. Muscle”

    1. Ours are made by 1byone. I think they were about $30ish. They’re Bluetooth, I know some people prefer wifi, but it wasn’t that big of a deal for me. I’m guessing they’re not as sensitive as other more $ brands, but they seem to be pretty accurate with regards to weight.

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