RBL uniform

I have to admit that wearing the RBL t-shirt into the gym the first day was a little intimidating. I am already having to go work out beside people that are in great shape and don’t want to bring attention to the fact that I am not. Wearing the t-shirt just yells out that I am not one of those fit people.

I now feel very different about the RBL t-shirt. I have gotten so much encouragement from people at the YMCA who seem to be genuinely excited about me being there. Now the shirt represents time to go to work, time to get it done, time take another step closer to my goal. I take pride in wearing my RBL t-shirt.


One thought on “RBL uniform”

  1. Wear your shirt proudly (is that a word?) As a previous RBL contestant and now a mentor, I have my tshirt that was giving to me 4 years ago. I wear it when I go to the gym and it reminds me of my journey. Keep up the hard work and dedication !!!

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