RBL = Winter Jam?

Hey ya’ll!

Getting healthy isn’t all about losing weight!  It took winter jam to show me that. Last time I went to anything at the well was with my daughter to Disney on ice. I had trouble just walking up and down the stairs, standing long, and even holding my  daughter. Last night we took our  daughter to Winter Jam and I was able to easily walk the stairs, stand while holding my daughter, and even hold her and jump!! In the 4 weeks I never even thought about what I was doing would help me out in daily life. I know that seems odd but when you just go threw the motions of everyday you don’t think about it. I was able to fully enjoy the show, jumping, dancing, holding my daughter, walking up and down the stairs multiple times and not even feeling out of breath, heavy legs or arms! I felt so awesome knowing my daughter had a mother that was able to make memories without having to stop or slow down! She was able to enjoy something without mommy telling her I can’t hold you, I need a break, mommys head hurts ect. This is why I am pushing forward. Today we even went on a 3.12mile hike in NC!!!  Which was AMAZING! M children are getting an upgraded version of what I was. For once I had to stop for my children and not the other way around it feels so amazing!!!

2 thoughts on “RBL = Winter Jam?”

  1. What a great thought/ feeling. I love “they are getting an upgraded version of mommy” – that you had to wait for children and that you had an active day yesterday into a 3 + mile hike today! AWESOMESAUCE! Yay for you and all your victories!!!!

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