Reality, Sadness, and Hope…

If I’m honest, I have never really been a “glass half full” kind of girl. I am very aware of how blessed I am and and very thankful for all those blessings. Often times, however, I do tend to look at the down side of things. Over the last three weeks, I have really made a conscious effort to look at the positives. I love that Jason and I are working out regularly. I love that we are learning about healthy living. I really love that our children are embracing it as well. I am thankful for the love, encouragement and support we have received. This morning, I am just feeling sad. Not sad about the opportunity we have, just sad for all the years we spent not taking care of ourselves. Sad for the bad examples we were for so long. Sad that we have come to a place that at times I feel so weak. I know I have to “shake it off” and just focus on being thankful, but I guess maybe everyone needs a moment now and then. This is mine. I am HATING that I don’t feel strong enough yet to put myself around the foods that I love but shouldn’t eat. I should have more strength and self control. I hate feeling this weak. My daughter reminded me the other day that we shouldn’t wear masks. I know she is right, but weakness is not something I show well. I am hoping this feeling will pass quickly. I am ready to embrace the rest of this journey with all of me.

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