So excited!

I woke up this past Thursday feeling a body shift. I feel thinner. My clothes are starting to fit differently and!!!! My thickness is not as thick.  People are starting to notice at work. 

I have started think long term…what about after the program, specifically not being able to do squats because of my knees (which have an internal flame right now lol). So my daughter and I joined the Y in Simpsonville. Yes it is a ride for me but something worth going after ,My Health, is what is important. 

I have been up and down in weight for a long time and with Fibromyalgia I have struggled with feeling tired and achy all the time. Well I am sleeping better that ever before and am so excited to see what my future holds. 

Now it is time to get ready to go meet my Sat At Home Team!  Keep moving!

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I am a Christian, a Mother, a daughter, a Grandmother, a sister and an Aunt.

5 thoughts on “So excited!”

  1. Cendy – I wish I was there daily to encourage you! Heck you would encourage me! I am glad you are on this journey. The Lord has great plans for you . . . keep taking one step forward each day.

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