Wimped out today

I started TRX Bootcamp this morning. Just about half way through the first set, I wimped out. Earlier in the week I had angered some back muscles- latissimus dorsi – if I remember my anatomy correctly. It was still bothering me this morning. After a few kettle ball swings amongst other things, it started hurting a lot. So I stopped Bootcamp and went to the cycle machine. I completed 30 minutes on the cycle. I then went to the pool for about an hour, then the spa for 15 glorious minutes. I just wish that I hadn’t wimped out this morning. I know that if Inhas pushed through the class, I would’ve caused more damage. I do not want to derail the current plan. 

One thought on “Wimped out today”

  1. No worries, you did the right thing and didn’t wimp out. You only changed your tactics. If stayed in the boot camp part you could of caused more damage. Going to the bikes and to the pool was a very good move. You still got a workout in and was able to work your muscles out in the pool without causing more harm. Keep up the good work, extremely proud of you and your accomplishments.

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