Dirtiest Battles

Today my daughter woke up sick, so I had to miss church. I was supposed to be in our children’s church, Kidpak, and would have missed the service. While meal prepping I decided to live stream. What a blessing in disguise!
I attend Free Chapel  in Spartenburg,which is a satellite campus for Free Chapel Gainsville. Paster said the place  you fought your dirtiest battle, will be the place of your greatest victory. I am not a very emotional person but this brought tears to my eyes.
About 9-10 years ago we moved to Greenville SC  and we loved this place! We bought a house, got pregnant with my daughter, and settled in. My husband was an alcoholic and lost his job that November. Here I was pregnent, the breadwinner, almost Christmas, and fallen away from God. My son was 7.  How was I going to buy presents or even pay bills.
Well long story short we had Jordyn, filed for bankruptcy,  lost our house to foreclosure, and moved back to GA close to family. The worst experience of my life, the dirtiest battles we fought. I never wanted to see that town again. It was horrible!
It took several years to repair all of this and finally my husband beat his addiction and is almost 3 years sober! He WAS an alcoholic! He WAS healed from this. It was announced that our church (Free Chapel Gainsville, GA ) was opening a new campus the same week my husband old me we belonged in Greenville, SC.  He wanted to move back. I was, like, are you kidding Me? I will never go back unless God himself comes down and tells me to.
Well that Sunday I said God, if I’m supposed to move back then let the new campus location be in Greenville, SC. I thought to myself, this will never happen! All the places to open a new campus, this will so go in my favor!  Pastor announces that we are opening our satellite campus later that year in Greenville-Spartenburg SC! My mouth fell open and I literally said out loud “you have got to be kidding me God! Come on!” Looked over at my husbad, with tears in his eyes, and I sighed and said “well I guess we’re moving back to SC.”
Fast forward almost 2 years later and life is great! The dirtiest battles were fought here. But God gave me a word today. He said my greatest victories will be won here. I’ve already had many victories here, but I believe He has more for me. Weight loss is one of them. My weight has held me back from what I’m supposed to be doing and it’s not going to  do this any longer.

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35 year old mom of 2 children. Married 14 years.

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