Hey! I’m still here!

Life is catching up to me.  This past week was tough.  As you may remember, I had two very young sick kids last weekend.  My toddler is just now getting back to normal.  He wasn’t sick over the week- he just… was difficult.  Difficult like he had a 74 minute meltdown Wednesday afternoon on top of everything (Yes, I know that’s not normal. We’re working with people.)

I was so sleep deprived early in the week, that the first morning I set my alarm for was Wednesday.  The alarm went off, and there was a flash- followed by a huge crash.  Ah, early morning thunder storms.  I sent my husband a text and said I wouldn’t be running- he agreed that was a good idea!

So- Thursday I ran the final run of Week 2… 5 days late.  I debated whether to do week 2 or 3, but decided after having taken so long “off”, I should go  with the plan.  I ran- and I didn’t hurt! I mean, it wasn’t easy… but I wasn’t limping in pain from shin splints like I had been.  It turns out that the time off actually helped me heal- and for that I’m thankful.  But- it made it much harder to get back into the swing of things because I’d been slack.

Saturday morning came, and I was still burnt out from the crazy week.  I decided I’d skip the group run because I was so beat.  Then I thought about it and realized I didn’t want to be more behind.  Two minutes after I should have left, I raced upstairs, threw on my big blue shirt, and rushed out the door to join the home team at the Y.  I’m glad I did- it was my first time running week 3, and it was tough!  I had to walk for a few seconds while I should have been running, but I’ll push through.

And here’s where it all works out amazingly well:  The team is repeating week 3… So I’m on track with everyone else!  Not looking forward to the alarm going off early tomorrow though…  but God-willing, I’ll be out trudging along dark and early!

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