It’s a Family Thing


Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old

they will not turn from it. – Proverbs 22:6

Like many of us I wear many hats and play many roles.  Being a mom and being a wife are some of my favorites.  I have amazing Godly men in my family from my dad to my brother and to my household now that includes my husband and my son.  Our son is six and he’s curious and he learned/inherited his father’s love of sports.  We have promised him for a long time that we would get back to a gym as a family.  So that our son could swim and play basketball and just hang out with other kids.  He is my biggest cheerleader and coach.  I’ve really claimed 2017 as my year to become my best version – healthy, connected, and thriving.  I will lead a life with a HealthFULL  (Feeling Unbelievable & Loving Life) Balance. So I have participated in several friendly health challenges.  One turned into a long-term accountability group.  Which means I did exercises at home before (and still do) RBL 2017.  My son would cheer me on and sometimes like a good trainer join me in the trenches.  I am still not quite in as good of shape as the professionals in the videos.  But my six year old trainer doesn’t see it that way.  Mommy they go deeper, stretch longer,  push yourself farther.  Okay honey I’ll try.  You can do it Mommy – you can do it!  I want to cry just thinking about it.  I’ve shared with people having a young child is like living with your conscience outside your body.  Because kids don’t filter – they say what they’re thinking, what they see, and they ask questions – LOUDLY!  But they also aren’t embarrassed to shout their encouragement – or drop everything to run and give a hug or a high five.  I’m nodding because my husband and I have dropped the ball several times and yet our kid is doing some amazing things.  We both want to encourage him to live a healthy life – to have fun, play hard, and eat healthy or a more balanced diet than chicken (tenders/nuggets) and fries.  How does he learn?  Like most of us – when we see it around us it is more recognizable then when someone just tells us what to do.  The last few times we have gone out to eat my son excitedly shares his observation “We are all drinking water.”  Yes son we sure are.  Can I tell you how much this little change saves both on the waistline and the pocketbook?

We also are doing more activities as a family.  If I want to get a workout in with lifting weights my husband and son will go play basketball or if my hubby is working we let our son hang out in the kid’s area – which he loves!  We also go for more family walks including a portion of the Swamp Rabbit Trail.  My son likes to race sprints in between and enjoys nature – as he kicks leaves, or points out wildlife (usually crazy squirrels but we did catch a glimpse of what we think is a heron – big bird in a tree). I love that my son is gaining memories and time with us now and in the future as we get healthier together as a family.  Like I said – It’s a Family Thing! 😉 God bless y’all!!!

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