Bronchitis…in my throat

I am so discouraged! I haven’t been to the gym since last Monday and I had to leave after an hour to go pick up my sick son. I wrote last week that all 3 of my kids were sick, 2 still are somewhat, and now I have bronchitis in my throat!

I probably won’t get back to the gym until Thursday or Friday of this week at all.

I have been given this amazing opportunity to get healthy and change my life. I’m physically capable to do it, I have my families support and I can’t workout because of my throat.

I know the main emphasis behind Rob’s Big Losers is to help us get to a healthy lifestyle, but it’s also a competition and I’m already over a week behind. I’m not going to quit but I, in my pain-filled, medicated state feel like I won’t be able to catch up and have a chance to win the overall competition :0(

2 thoughts on “Bronchitis…in my throat”

  1. You have been so on my heart – sorry to hear you continue to have a sick house and yourself is down! You will get back to it stronger than ever! Prayers continue!

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