I was so pumped up last Wednesday because I heard my RBL interview on His Radio so I decided to be more active and to work out a little harder. Unfortunately I worked out too hard, did too much too soon, and ended up with a shin splint. Part of it I’m sure was the fact I was being stubborn about getting running shoes because oh my goodness the one the running shoe store wanted me to buy were $125. I was in the process of doing research on different shoes that were for overpronation and stability but I hadn’t found any yet that were in a price range that I could afford. Anyway shin splints are no joke they are painful and more irritating than any injury I have ever had. I was planning to come to the group run on Saturday but between my injury and the fact that our assistant basketball coach had the flu I had to stay home.

The most difficult part of having to rest and stay off my feet is that I feel like a failure. I feel like I should just be able to run through the pain but I know that that’s not practical. If I push my self and worsen my injury than I won’t be able to workout for even longer. It still feels awful though. I’m better at going to the gym than I am sticking to eating healthy for sure. However, this weekend I have decided that I need to seriously focus on my diet and realized that maybe that’s why I got the shin splint so that I would have to slow down and focus on more than going to the gym. I am starting to eliminate carbs from my diet, I will still eat carbs but they will be God-made carbs and I won’t eat a large portion of them.

I did find my running shoes this weekend and boy what a deal! I had looked at a shoe brand called Newton when I was doing my research and they had great reviews and were exactly the type I needed but the price was insane $150-$200 a pair so I knew that I wouldn’t be getting those. God had a different plan though. We went to Dick’s sporting goods which normally I don’t get anything at because they’re pretty pricey and normally don’t have good sales but this time I hit the jackpot. I found a pair of Newton running shoes on sale for 75% off! I asked the shoe clerk why they were getting rid of them and he said that they were a newer brand that were really good but that they weren’t selling well. So I cautiously tried them on thinking that if they felt okay I might get them and when I tried them on my feet were on cloud 9. I got them and I know it was all God because the shoes were originally $174.99 already marked down to $164.99 and then 75% the last marked price so I got them for $45 with tax!!!! I love a good deal and that was an amazing deal!

Unfortunately I will not get to try them out running until later this week but I will be going to the gym to do stationary bike and to swim so that I can keep on exercising without putting pressure on my leg. I am going to have a great week no matter what obstacles come my way I am going to go to the gym and eat better every day. I hope that everyone has a great week!

One thought on “Setbacks”

  1. I know how you feel. Technically I’m on week 3 and not 4. I was so sick the first week all I could do was stay in bed and rest. I’m glad you are able to keep going. I know the old me would have said this is a sign to stop but I’m realty glad I didn’t listen either.

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