To row or not to row

Ok, Shawnese had Leann and I do circuit training.  One part of our training was the row machine.  Well……….. let me tell ya.  If you can do more than five mins your are the “Man”;  I knew I was going to die Friday.  My body was in utter shocked.  But I’ll tell you,  now I’m determined to beat that machine.  If can do an hour on that machine then a 5k will be a stroll in the lily fields.

I must say though,  I’m quite impressed with the Y.  I’ve never enjoyed going to a gym because I felt so intimidated with the equipment.  The workers are fantastic. They can tell when your struggling to figure out what machines to use and jump right in there to help.

Well, I’m kind of ranting today but I really feel good.  I told my husband earlier that I was coming home after work because we haven’t been able to spend any quality time together.  He’s either working or I’m at the gym.  But I texted him back and said I was going to the gym anyways.  I’m doing this for me.  Not for anybody else but me.  I want to be able to run more than 60 seconds at a time.  I want to be able to put my socks and shoes on without being winded.  I want to get up off the floor without help.  I want to be able to look in the mirror and smile at the person I see.  I want to be proud of me.  That might sound silly but I’m tired of who I have become.  I want the old me back and she coming back full force. My joy in the Lord and I will live life for Him.

2 thoughts on “To row or not to row”

  1. My trainer put me on the rowing machine and I love it. Used it as cardio a couple of times. We’ll have to have a row off sometime! And I loooove that you are doing this for you – keep it up! Hope you are smiling at your reflection these days because she makes me smile 😉

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