Breath o Fresh Air!

Week 4 already? 2 more months and we will be running the 5k! Tonight I got home from work and was not really in the mindset to exercise.  But I knew I had to in order to get all my week’s workouts in. I had already planned to take my daughter in the running stroller with me tonight on my run, and I was beginning to think about leaving her behind to just get it done. But I got home, changed into my sweat gear and loaded my girl in the stroller.  She was ready for her 30 minutes of fresh air.  It was beautiful weather… not too windy, just cool enough to keep me from getting into a hot mess, and cloudy, no sun! 🙂

As I started up the road (and a big hill) I am glad the hill was the warm up as I pushed the 18 month old up the road and I began doubting my ability to keep up with the C25K app training.  The first run was a little rough, but the long runs were perfect! Slight down hill for part of the runs and barely had to push the stroller.  I would like to push my daughter in the stroller on the day of our 5k so I hope I can keep up the pace as the training continues.  And she loved it! Dropped her sippy cup a couple times, but other than that she enjoys getting a breath of fresh air, and so did her mommy!

This run was definitely a change of pace for me to experience with forcing my body to control the stroller along the run.  I proved to myself that I can do it, even though I doubted myself.  Although if my husband runs with me, I’ll happily hand over this job! Praying you all have the energy and strength to get through week 4! We’re nearly 1/3 through!

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