Noticeably More Stamina

Energy!!!! I have so much more energy and stamina.

It took a little bit to get here because initially you’re just sore and don’t want to move from your workouts but I can tell I have slowly been increasing my stamina.

Usually I hate shopping because it hurts my feet to walk around to much and so I usually find a seat if I can while my wife shops. This past week we went shopping and not once did I feel the need to sit down! I’m sure that seems like a silly thing to most people, but to me it’s a huge improvement in my overall health.

Also, I can tell I have more energy overall. Usually I get really groggy at work after lunch-time, you know that 3 pm drag? Well I have not really had that as much since I’ve started to workout, and that’s with me getting up over 2 hours earlier than I’m used to.

I keep making little strides but I’m beginning to see that a bunch of little strides turn into larger and larger ones as long as I keep it up. So excited to keep on this journey and see where it takes me!

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