Resting Heart Rate

In December I was given gift certificates to Amazon for a total of $75.00 so I thought, this year I really want to tract my steps and heart rate.  I broke down and bought me a fit bit 2.  I came up the other half of the money and made my order. When I put it on my heart was over 100.  I thought may it was due to my excitement but when I went to bed it was still over 100.  My heart rate felt like it was rather fast but I had no idea how fast.   When I started warring it I thought maybe it was broken. I downloaded an app on my phone that tracks your heart rate but it said the same speed as my fitbit. My resting heart rate while I slept was 107.  To be honest I was really worried.  I looked it up on the internet to see if this was normal or not.  Of course not, so my worrying only elevated it more.

I’m saying this because last week my resting heart was 80. I’m so exited and it’s still under 100.  Now when I work out its way over 100 but I have a feeling my heart is thanking me.  I really love being at the Y and I’m going to hate it when this is over.  I was thinking everybody is creating a fund me page for everything under the sun why not start my own……keep me healthy fund so I can stay at the Y 🙂 Of course I would never do that.  Regardless of whether I get to stay or not my journey will not end.  I’m working on a rate of 70!!!!



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