Water Aerobics!

So I posted yesterday about my struggle with my shin splint and my plans to keep on exercising but I never expected that I would enjoy water aerobics so much! I am not fond of water unless it’s at the beach and even then I’m cautious because I’m not a strong swimmer but the class yesterday made me feel like a mermaid. The teacher was awesome she had shin splints in the past and suggested that I take the water weights (to keep me afloat) and do the exercises closer to the deep end to keep pressure off my leg. I also felt safer knowing that one of the college kids in my Sunday school class was the life guard ( I knew he worked as a lifeguard at the Y but I didn’t realize he worked at the one I got to). I strongly encourage you to do water aerobics even if you’re not injured it’s a good workout. At first I thought sheesh I’m working out with the silver sneakers group this is going to be an easy workout but boy was I wrong. First I haven’t worked out since last Wednesday when I got the shin splint and the teacher encouraged them (the silver sneakers group)  to adapt the exercises and go at their own pace but she was hard core. I came out feeling better than I have in a while it was definitely a great experience.  I’m a little sore today but my leg didn’t bother me as much after class and this morning since I actually stretched and used the muscles without causing pain.

Pray for me tonight as I go to my women’s bible study group the theme for snacks tonight is ‘comfort food’ and I am going to be fighting a tough battle to eat healthy. I am bringing carrot sticks and low fat ranch dip and I’m hoping that someone else brings a somewhat decent snack as we have two diabetics in the group who can’t load up on carbs. I’ll let you know how it goes. What bothers me the most is the idea that you have to have food to comfort you it’s a cycle that I’m working hard to break but I’m sure they aren’t meaning it that way. I’ll probably going on a tangent tonight about how God should be our comfort not food. On a good note I can’t come up with a food that comforts me anymore. Before I would have said Japanese food especially fried rice but now I realize when I’m upset there is no magic food that will take away my problems. I feel like I’m winning the battle and that food doesn’t control me anymore!




One thought on “Water Aerobics!”

  1. I appreciate overcoming the comfort food battle – we tie up so many memories in foods. But if you do have a hankering for fried rice my husband made a version using riced cauliflower and it was delicious! 😉 Good luck at Bible study!

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