Why don’t I look cute when I sweat like the cute fit girls?

I’ve noticed that every time I go to the gym the fit girls always look so cute coming out of those beast mode, TRX, HIIT classes that kick you butt. I have since noticed that when I  come out of these classes I look a lot different!

People tend to stare. My face is beat red, I smell so bad I can smell myself, I can barely make it to the car, and I can’t breath.

You know it’s bad when the instructor insists you go take a break or get a drink of water because they think your gonna code on them right there!

I assure you I am fine. I may not look it, but I am every white. I turn red all the time. I sunburn when it’s 30 degrees outside if the sun shines a bit!

Back to the cute girls, they don’t sweat. They glisten. I want to glisten too. Maybe one day I shall glisten in the YMCA as well. Until then I’m just going to enjoy it. Every gross ounce of it.

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35 year old mom of 2 children. Married 14 years.

5 thoughts on “Why don’t I look cute when I sweat like the cute fit girls?”

  1. I can relate with you! I am also like you. I sometimes take out my head phones just to make sure I am not breathing too loud lol… Some people don’t sweat that much however I could squeeze my shirt out every time I am done working out… Keep your head up you will eventually get to the “skinny girl” stage.. 🙂

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