Integrated into everyday life

I want to integrate health choices into everyday life.  Today, I ran/walked at the indoor track where my work offers “walk at work” time.  Once, a week we get to meet and walk on-the-clock.  I got to show up and work in some running.  I am learning to schedule those appointments and that is working.  Life will rush by and I will give myself excuses but making habits requires effort.  The reward is feeling better, less stress and in the long run, health.


On the food scene, my goal for this week was to use My Fitness Pal for every meal. Every time I log the food.  I see options in each food choice to make my meal choices leaner.  Little simple things add up to equal less. At work they celebrated my birthday.  It was fun but food choices are not easy sometimes.  Glad to get a run in.

Since we are on week four, I have two more workouts to get in and three more for the rest of twelve weeks.  That is twenty-six more workouts.  I will try to learn new things with each opportunity.


2 thoughts on “Integrated into everyday life”

  1. Once a week you can show up and run/walk while still being paid. It has a reasonable turnout. It is a good time to network outside of normal cubicles.

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