Well not exactly sure what happened but this week has not been the best week for me and not really happy about it.

I have really cut down on portions and trying to eat a lot healthier and was feeling overall pretty good but when I weighed myself this week I was in for a shock…. I was up a couple pounds. WHAT how did that happen?!?!?!?!?

I was down 10 pounds and now up to for a net so far of 8 in total loss. Not happy and not sure why. However I am not going to let this hurdle stop me. however if you ever saw me do a hurdle decades ago it would have been a funny sight especially when I hit it and did a flip in midair landed on my back and got the nice track scrapping with that black lose grit they used at the time. Yeah that felt great when you shower off and they decide to spray that “nice” antiseptic spray on you and you end up having a straight up come to Jesus moment in the shower because of that stinging sensation… Whooppps sorry chasing rabbits again …….

Anyway back to not letting this hurdle stop me I am quickly realizing that this is something I just cannot do on my own but to use my daughters favorite verse, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13. If you are depending on your own self to get things done you can to a point but you do need others to help you for the encouragement.

So far this week it was a rough one wanted to go to the Y on Monday but did not feel well so went home and crashed but on Tuesday we did our walk to run on the Swamp Rabbit Trail and we did well. I am usually listening to a Military running cadence when I do this and although I normally do not keep up with the speed of the cadence I am finding that I am getting closer. I was able to actually match it a couple times that night, it may not have been for long but it was a goal that was met so not the new goal is to meet it again and for a longer time.

Last night while my wife and daughter were at church I decided to go do a workout and learned a valuable lesson…. If you want to feel nice and sore the next day and legs feel like jello at the same time, try doing 2 activtrax workouts in a row. Yeah Yeah I know a glutton for punishment but I thought “How bad can it really be” Well let me tell ya something do not try that unless you know you can really do it.

It was tough towards the end especially since the second workout was the legs which mean’s that great torture device of the Abductor/Adductor machine was used. This I swear is better then anything someone can do to get ya to tell the truth after a few minutes of this I would probably admit to doing things that happened before I was born.

Well got to go for not enjoy the week and will work to post another tomorrow.

So until next time Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for those bars (weight bars that is) for the next workout.

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