Flavor Galore!

At the risk of sounding like a commercial, let me tell you HOW DELICIOUS this olive muffalata is!  They were giving out samples at Costco and like so many samples in the past, I LOVED it and brought some home!  Now I add this goodness to my salads, my sandwiches and even crackers for a quick snack!  While I’m not doing Weight Watchers the lady at Costco told me it was only 2 points so that’s gotta be good, right?

You can thank me later for the suggestion!  😉

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Fun-loving 54 year young Mom who has gone way too long without exercise and control over my food intake BUT that's all about to change! Something clicked the day I applied to be on Rob's Big Losers, and it all became crystal clear that I had to take back control! I work at Grace Church and have been a Travel Agent for 25 years but my biggest joy is watching my 17 year old son, Thomas, become an awesome and responsible young man!

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