One plank at a time… 

My daughter caught this picture as I was getting into a plank position… those 30 seconds went by so slow…. The second and third roatation they went by even slower, but my abs (yes, there are abs under that flab) feel good! Each week we are faced with a new challenge.. Planks were something at week one I couldn’t do longer than 10 seconds.. now I’m doing 30 seconds 3 times! I’ll take it! What are you pushing yourself to do? How are you fighting for your health? Share your story and pictures with me! 

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  1. I started planking at 10 sec also and am at 30 sec this week. It’s tough but I bet you feel stronger like I do! Keep up the great work and i hope that in a couple more weeks we care sharing our 1 min planks!!!

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