Sick of being sick…

Well, this past week has been a struggle for me. I have been sick with a cold, or allergies and not being able to breath well has made it hard to excersise at the gym. I have been exercising at home in case I am contagious. It’s been hard for me to know my team is at the gym and I’m at home working. Then God made me realize that while I have a team and I’m very blessed to have them… Some people are doing this all on their own anyway. It seems like everyone on our team has missed some days due to sickness. Maybe that is God letting us know just how great He is and has given us the opportunity to have a team waiting and encouraging us to hurry up and get well and get back at it with them! Missing bootcamp… what?!? Yeah, I really just said that! Stay well friends, and keep working hard.

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Wife, mother of 4 and Christ follower! I love setting goals and reaching them! Looking forward to a lifestyle change of health!

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