So week four started this past weekend and I celebrated by increasing my cardio!!

I am now able to walk a full 2 miles and still be able to work out after the fact, and that makes me feel really good, considering the fact that it was just a few short months ago that, I was miserable after walking a very short distance!!

My weight loss has not been as great as the first week, which was a 7 lb loss, but I am averaging at least 2 lbs a week and I am satisfied with that, I know the weight came on over time, so I know it will take some time to get it off.

The beauty of it all is that I know success is not always measured by loss, it can be measured by feeling better, building muscles, being more active, and losing inches!!

I am encouraged daily by my loved ones and friends who have been a HUGE help to me, I have even been told that I have inspired others which always brings a smile to my face!!

Today I turn 44 and I am determined to get fit in my forties!!

Thank you to the good LORD above for the gift of life, and thank you to His Radio for the gift of a healthier me!!

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