Healthy Habits

For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. – 1 Timothy 4:8

A couple of days ago I shared how this health journey is a family thing.  Well it continues to move along that way.  On Monday with it being a holiday we as a family all had a day off together.  Not that common in our household!  It was a lot of fun with a lot of healthy initiatives without even trying!  It started with me running over to the gym.  We had planned on taking an afternoon hike, but plans can go awry.  If we did – awesome! If not, I was able to get my workout in!  I rush home to take our son to the dentist.  When feeling blah or not our best it is easier to find reasons to not make our doctor appointments then have to admit our faults or listen to what we need to fix.  Our son had a great check up and we let him “plan” the afternoon.  First up – Frankie’s Fun Park for Putt Putt.  We agreed and all of us played.  There was a time in my life not that long ago that I physically wasn’t able to play a game of putt putt.  I had a lot of pain issues and standing/walking could easily put me in bed for the afternoon if not for the day.  Not only did I play the full game – I did not need to sit down once.  This is a huge victory!!! I stopped at the end of the game and just shook my head in shock and then shared my revelation with my husband.  Because of the pain issue you may have seen me sitting on the floor in Toys R Us or Walmart without me batting an eye.  You certainly would have seen me rushing from bench to bench at putt putt, at the park, or in the mall just to save strength to make it back to the car and home!

Next up – lunch out. This is still a tricky situation for me.  A lot of restaurants have some friendly and tasty low calorie options. But the restaurants my son was suggesting had fewer choices but I preplanned my order.  ( I do this every time we go out these days – this trick alone has easily saved between 400 – 1000 calories A MEAL!!!)

Our day is not done as we head over to Trader Joe’s for some healthy snacks and dinner options.  But wait – Academy Sports is next door let’s take a peek.  Wow talk about a family shopping spree: a new bike helmet for our son, some new tennis shoes for both me and my hubby, but the big new item *drumroll please* a tennis racket for our son.  Why?  because I love working out at the Y and am beyond blessed by this opportunity from His Radio and all of the sponsors but there will be an after to this journey.  How are we going to stay healthy?  What lifestyle changes are happening to encourage this healthFULL Journey to continue?  So we are seeking out opportunities to what we can continue to do as a family. We have a tennis court in our neighborhood and our son loves to play sports.  So with new purchase in hand (literally – you know how six year olds can be with a new item 🙂 ) we went home (after a quick stop at Trader Joe’s – Love that place!).

Can anyone guess what our son’s first question was upon our arrival home?  When are we going to play tennis?  I guess right now.  So we pulled out our tennis rackets, blew off the dust, and jumped back into the car.  Now call me naive, ignorant, or plain ditzy but I had envisioned how the three of us would hit the ball over the net back and forth.  I have no idea why I thought my son would be a tennis prodigy.  Sure I figured a stumble here or there but we were starting from scratch!

Why? Because he had never played before.  He hadn’t developed the skills or practiced before Monday.  So we covered some basics – like let’s keep the racket in the same hand.  Look at the ball.  Keep trying even when it’s hard.  Have fun!  Any of this sound familiar?  Because we all need to hone our skills – whether they are brand new or it has been so long we have to start over from scratch.  Many of us have shared how muscles who have disappeared are being worked again.  Equipment is being sought whether being unpacked, found, or bought.  Choices are being made to take what we have learned and pursue it.  I’ve heard frustration of former athletes who feel like a failure because of getting out of shape or those who dreamed of playing sports frustrated at breathing heavy walking across a room.  This isn’t easy folks.  But with (re)learning the basics, practice, perseverance, and having some fun – we really can take this opportunity and teach ourselves some healthy habits that not just last a couple of months but that we can carry with us always.

Thursday was another gorgeous day so my son and I grabbed our rackets and gave tennis another go.  I’m excited for the differences our family is experiencing from nutrition to activity to time together- some really healthy habits are forming and growing!  God Bless!


2 thoughts on “Healthy Habits”

  1. Sounds like fun! Incorporating activity into your daily life is definitely the way to go. It is much harder for me to find a separate time to exercise. I am still looking for how to exercise-and or exercise-while doing something else that is valuable to me. Family fellowship is a perfect match!

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