Week 4 complete & another 6.8 pounds gone!!!

FARRSide of Life… Friday, February 24… What a great week it has been! To give you the summary, I am down another 6.8 pounds for a total weight loss of 31.8 pounds in 4 weeks!!! I am still maintaining a diet of 1200-1400 calories a day and I drink over 140-160 ounces of water every day! “WoW!” is about all I can say about that! Not that I am doing anything, but I am just overly humbled by what God is doing IN me! He is waking me up at 4:21 a.m. every morning to go workout. He is giving me the will power to say, “no” to food temptations! He has helped me thrive on water & white meat these past four weeks!! 😉

I realized this week that I have not eaten fried food in four weeks! I have also not had any red meat in four weeks! And to be honest, I haven’t missed the food! I have missed the convenience of making/buying those foods, but I haven’t missed the food. I am also seeing other results in the gym as well. For instance, when I started rowing, my best 20 minute-row took me 3,000 meters. This morning, two weeks later, I’m up to 3500 meters in 20-minutes! “Winner! Winner! Grilled Chicken Dinner!”

I tell you these things, not to shine a light on me, but to shine a huge spotlight on God! My journey is really not about me, nor is it about me getting healthy! That’s a huge “benefit” and a awesome “side-effect”!  My journey is ultimately so I can point people to the greatness and awesomeness of God! He created me to bring glory and attention to Him. 

I hope and pray that through all of this, you don’t see me, but you see God in me! He is my source of strength and my source of hope! Is he yours?

#LosingIsWinning  #RBL2017



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